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Rock Master Serie

The Rock Master rod series was originally designed for ultra-light sea fishing. In tests for trout and perch, we have found that this rod is also perfect for UL fishing for these target fish.

The rod is great in the hand and thanks to its solid tip you can feel even the smallest pluck.

The orange paint on the windings also makes it easier to see the bites.

The fish are chopped safely thanks to their extremely fast blank.

A brilliant UL rod!

Model Lenght PCS

Tr. Lenght

Weight Lure weight

Line PE   

RMS-682UL 2,03 m 2 105 cm 71 gr 0,4 - 8 gr 0.1 - 0.6
RMS-762L 2,30 m 2 118 cm 81 gr 0,6 - 12 gr 0.2 - 0.8

Rock Master Series

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