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Collector II Serie


After an old development and test phase, the Collector II models are now coming onto the market. The goal was to pair the strength and robustness of the Predator series with the sensitivity and throwing distance of the EGI Collector series. This was noticeably successful. This well-balanced high-end rod can be part of the switch jump with softbait and hardbaits. Or for the same sea fishing. This certainly means everything with flying colors. With another 2500 - 3000 roller it is perfectly balanced despite the wrong grip. With a roll weight of 240 grams or more, you can remove the supplied counterweight. This fits all 4000 rolls. The models up to 50 g casting weight have an extreme tip action, the 40 g model has a different bending curve than the old Egi Collector and the 30 gr model is completely on the range. It was developed for sea and sea trout. The throwing distances are phenomenal. Only the best. The equipment is made with the best materials currently available on the market for these rod rights.

Model Lenght Pcs Tr. Lenght Weight Lure Weight Line PE       
CT-892H 2,67 m 2 139 cm 187 gr  10 - 50 gr 0,8 - 2,0
CT-892MH 2,67 m 2 139 cm 177 gr 10 - 40 gr 0,8 - 1,5
CT-792H 2,37 m 2 127 cm 180 gr 10 - 50 gr 0,8 - 2,0
CT-992M 2,87 m 2 157cm 190 gr  8 - 30 gr 0,6 - 1,2
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