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Monster Game II Serie

Due to enormous demand, we have reissued this series. We made a lot of experience the last years with Monster Game and built a rod which is light and slim but still has a lot of strength.  We have adjusted the length of the rods to European conditions.
The aim of the Popper Rod was to bring a rod to the market to cast further which lures between 80 and 250 grams than any other rod on the market. The rod has been designed in such a way that it is very easy to carry but still has enough power for the big ones.

Model  Lenght Pcs Tr. Lenght Weight Lure weight Line   PE      
MG-631S/400 1,97 m 1,5 130 cm 228 gr 400 gr  5 - 6
MG-631B/400 1,97 m 1,5 130 cm 230 gr 400 gr  5 - 6 
MG-631S/300 1,97 m 1,5 130 cm 220 gr 300 gr   4 - 5 
MG-631B/300 1,97 m 1,5 130 cm 218 gr 300 gr  4 - 5
MGP-801 S 2,40 m 1,5 175 cm 375 gr 80 - 250 gr  8 - 10

Monster Game II 631Spin/300

 This rod is especially designed for Northern fishing Style in Iceland and Norway. It fits perfect for the average size of fish there and makes a lot of fun. But also large fish can be handled very smooth. It works from 100 Gramm pilks up to max 350 Gramm. It works perfect with softlures.

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